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Preparation of any substrate is arguably the most important stage of powder coating. Even if the application is correctly applied the finished product will always fail to some degree if the metal surface is improperly treated and handled. That is why we ensure that whatever passes through our factory is treated using the Australian Standard as a minimum benchmark.


Understanding what primer to use and when is very important to the integrity of the film, the corrosion protection and how long it will last. We use two different types of primers an Epoxy Primer and a Zinc Primer depending on the environment your item will be in and the type of metal used in fabrication, the choice of primer will change.
A Zinc primer is typically used as a sacrificial layer creating a high level of corrosion protection. An Epoxy primer will be used as a minor secondary level of protection and mainly for its aesthetic uses by smoothing over any impurities in the metal, perfect for hot dip galvanised substrates.

We pride ourselves on giving the best advice when it comes to what processes we will be using. When contacting us we are happy to discuss in as much detail as required what system we recommend and why.


Our main suppliers of powder is Dulux, currently providing the highest quality and range of powder available.



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